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1.  Application dossiers should be bound in hard cover binders, and be
submitted in triplicate.  They should be correctly indexed in the order presented below for easy reference.

2. Completed application FORM 1 and Checklist to Verify Application
    Completeness – New Registration.

3.  The package size(s) in which the product will be imported.

4. Detailed literature in respect of the chemistry and composition of the
product (including percentages of all ingredients), its efficacy,  
     toxicology,  antidotes (together with any available references) and
     precautions to be observed before, during and after use.
     N.B. If the active ingredient is registered, only information on
     the formulation and the composition of the product is required.

5.  Six sample copies of the label proposed to be used in connection with
     the new pesticide, along with samples of the packaging materials and
     inserts to be used for trade packages. Labels should be in the English
     language, and should conform to the labelling standards of the PCA.

6.  A certificate of analysis which contains:

 a)   An assay on a recent batch of the product analysed

 b)   The method of analysis used ( This is only required if the active
                ingredient is unregistered).
7.  A duly authenticated and legalised certificate of registration (free sale) from
     the competent authority with whom the product is registered in the
     country of origin, and the conditions under which it may be sold in
     that country, also a copy of the label stamped as being approved by
     that Authority.

8.  A statement showing :

 a)  The countries in which the product is registered for  Free Sale
               other than the country of origin.

 b)  Any country in which the product has been refused registration       
              for Free Sale and the reasons for refusal.

9.     A certificate in the English language from the manufacturer,
      respecting the safety of the new pesticide, recommended conditions
      for  use, and the conditions under  which it is recommended  
      for sale.

10.   A copy of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) or Product Data             

11.  A statement specifying the crops/pests to be covered. State scientific       
      names where possible,  application rate (dosage), and  re-entry and pre-            
      harvest  periods where applicable.
12.  Certificates should be authenticated by the Jamaican Embassy or          
       Jamaican Consulate in that country and in cases where none of these are     
       present, by the British High Commission or the  British Embassy.

13.  An analytical standard is required (on request) for all products with a      
      new active ingredient.
14.  The prescribed application fee of ten thousand Jamaican dollars
       ($10,000.00) made payable to the Pesticides Control Authority.

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